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Who does not crave for good and tasty food? We all do. We all remember the great dishes that moms and grandmas had prepared for us in our childhood. We go out in search of similar tastes in restaurants or cook similar recipes. We are sure, all are wonderful cooks. But we also know that there may be times when you may wonder as to why the dish prepared is not tasting like the taste you had in mind despite following the recipes. Many of you will also be innovating new recipes for more delicious flavors. Sure enough they also will once again be embedded in the minds of those who relish food.

Now look at these mouth-watering, flavorful, delicious food. So, what is the secret behind these? Well, the secret lies in the freshness, authenticity of the SPICES! Yes, trust us, the freshness and authentic spices can end up making all the difference in the world of cooking.


We stumbled upon by chance to get some great spices from some of our entrepreneur partners in India .We tried them for cooking familiar dishes like Thalipeeth, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Chole, Bharleli Vangi. Lo Behold!!   It brought us back the old memories of all the wonderful times we tasted food as a child.

This was it . We wanted to share the same feeling we had to all our dear consumers as well.This was our motivation that helped us initiate this endeavor recently with the sole purpose of introducing the authentic and fresh spices into every kitchen. Many of our products are pre-ordered and as such  are freshly prepared. This ensures that the freshness of the spices lasts longer and closest to them being prepared at home. We also offer premium flours freshly ground resulting in tastier, fluffy, and soft bread (Chapatis, Pooris, rotis etc.)

Our Commitment

Our commitment to bring premium products to our dear consumers is further strengthened by our due diligence and careful selection of our suppliers ensuring that there is no compromise on quality. Apart from this we constantly are negotiating with the suppliers and shipping teams on prices so that our premium products are available to you at the most reasonable prices.We will continue to add more and more products to give you all wider choices in the near future.

Thanks for your Support

We thank our customers for their continued patronage in our journey. We hope to make AkshayaTritiya Foods LLC a platform known for its premium products .