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Spices that makes it nice

Nothing like fresh spices, pure and authentic, essence, taste and character with all the nature's goodness intact lending their magic to Indian food pleasing your tastebuds and being relished. So pump up the taste and make every dish scrumptious and nutritious one through our wide selection of premium spices

We also offer traditional spices such as Goda Masala,Kanda Lasun Masala,Misal Masala etc., widely popular with Maharashtrian food

Ground with love

Using quality flour is a key ingredient in making healthy and flavorful fluffy and soft chapatis(bread) and pooris.
We bring to you freshly ground flour that makes the bread fluffy soft and tastes better than made by most commercially available flours.

Chapatis, Rotis, Parathas, pooris are some of the various forms of bread that can be made with wheat flour. We also offer freshly ground traditional flours such as Thalpeeth Bhajani (combination of flours with the addition of spices like coriander and cumin), Chakli Bhajani (flour made of a ombination of Rice, Bengal Gram, Black Gram, Green Gram, Cumin, Salt, Red Chilli powder,Sesame, Ajwain, Turmeric) used to make delightful snacks

Dessert disguised as a drink

Yes, it is hard to say if the dessert is a drink in disguise. We offer the Falooda mix in many flavors such as Mango, Kesar Pista, Rose and strawberry. Mix up a tempting ice cream cocktail by having the falooda drink topped with ice cream. Wait!! The fun does not end here yet. Lavishly sprinkle some almonds, chocolate, and fruits. Enjoy the drink and think it over -

Was it really the dessert a drink in disguise or
was it a drink in disguise of a dessert!